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RoughEditionHeader by TheonknownKLAW

MonochromeSheet by TheonknownKLAW

ColourSheet by TheonknownKLAW

Tossing myself out there and and now offering commissions. Hi, how’s it going KLAW here and I’m just you’re typical college student who happens to be low on funds and needs money mostly for school stuff and also other life needs like food, rent money, you know the drill.

Offering up some rough commissions for starters cause I’m testing these waters and also I’m in the middle of a compact semester so I wanna offer stuff I can draw quickly without sacrificing too much school time.

So yeah on the menu we have:

Monochrome Roughs

Bust: $15 | Half Body: $20 | Full Body: $25

Colour Roughs

Bust: $30 | Half Body: $35 | Full Body: $40

As for things I don’t draw? NSFW material, otherwise I’m game for anything else.

Contact me at if you’re interested, If you have reference material for what you want me to draw that’d ease the process.

Thank you for glancing.


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Submitted on
July 25, 2015