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While I'm a bit slower in art posting in general, going through my final year of school and all, I'm WAAAY slower/inactive when t comes to posting art on DeviantART. I think I've mentioned this before but the reason why is just the upload methods, dA still doesn't support mutli-item posts which is what majority of my art posts are now and also the dumb thing of having a preview for gifs; every other website just shrinks the gifs dA, why won't you?

It might seem like a small thing to keep me from posting but its a quality of life thing that I feel is a bit of a hurdle for me when it comes to posting here, hell I kinda feel the same way about Instagram's inability to properly display certain images that aren't in a square, sometimes forcing artists to slice up their longer pieces.

Anyway, as usual if you wanna keep up with places where I actually post art more often here's the list.

Tumblr - Twitter - Instagram - ArtStation

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Hi there, my has it been a while since I've written a journal here and it's usually about something about why I'm inactive, well guess what! This is another one of those but the twist is that it's gonna point you to places where I am more active!

Tumblr - I've pimped out my tumblr blog every once in a while essentially saying go follow me there for more regular updates and this will still hold true, when it comes to posting art, that's usually the first place I post stuff, so go follow me there if ya wanna. My Tumblr encompasses all the different types of art I post, from sketches, roughs, fanart, concept art etc, it all goes here, the following other venues usually don't get all my art or if they do, they get it much later.

ArtStation - Here I post more... concept art related stuff, art that shows more of the building blocks of a bigger project or what have you such as visual development, character sheets etc. Sometimes I'll post more illustrative pieces but it depends on the nature of the illustrations, won't find much fanart there.

Wordpress - This acts more as my dumping ground and archival blog, where I try to post things day and day there depending on the art works in question, so sketches wont go there the same day as they would on say my tumblr but they might show up there as part of a compilation.

Twitter - Recently made so kinda empty, I plan to use this to rub elbows, spout random thoughts, link to/post some art and stuff. So if you maybe wanna see a more.. social side of me that's where to go, I make no promise of not posting odd stuff.

Instagram - Currently inactive until I get a new phone, but otherwise I used it as a place to mostly post my traditional pieces if I worked on any, so if you wanna see more traditional stuff you go there. Also known to contain the occasional food photo post cause i gotta be a shit like the rest of em :V.

Facebook - This was kinda a spur of the moment creation, I made it cause all I mostly used facebook for was posting my art with socalizing being second, so I decided to just make a dedicated art page for my art, I sometimes post day and day there, but its not my most active proving ground.

DeviantART - okay so while I'm putting this on the list its mostly so that I can explain why I'm super inactive here, I actually stop by here about as regularly as I do on Tumblr, ArtStation and even FB, but the reason I don't upload as much is just... I find dA's upload method just so cumbersome, I mean ArtStation's is kinda similar but the key thing about ArtStation is the ability to upload multiple files as one upload. I tend to make a lot of art now that's in a set and not just a singular piece and if I wanna upload em here I'm gonna have to make a super large ass image thats like 2000x8000 pixels or something and that feels clunky to me. Also gifs, I'm trying to do a lot more animation and dA is weird about uploading those as I gotta have a preview image first and that's just... c'mon man, why? It's an extra step in the creation process that I'm not a fan of. I haven't abandoned the site, I'll still upload here every now and then, but if you're looking for my more constant updates, check out one of the above places.

DrawCrowd - Dead! I Don't post there anymore, if you happen upon my account there just don't bother. Also as an art site, way too much of the anime art style for my liking.

Behance - ... also a spur, don't really go there much, might update when I remember I have it.

RedBubble - Got some frequent updates, but I usually plug it on the artwork that's gonna be a piece for sale there
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I Didn't mention this but I opened a Red Bubble account some time back, gonna be uploading my work there too to sell as shirts and other apparel, so go check it out if you would so kindly~

KLAW's Red Bubble

More art and stuff to follow~
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Fuck all! End of Journal

So it's been a while since my previous journal and looking back at it I said some stuff that I didn't follow through with, what a freaking surprise! But that nonsense aside, here I am just giving you a quick update on what I'm doing:

:bulletgreen: Still busy with school work, its my last semester of 1st year so shit's been kicked up a notch and I like it!

:bulletgreen: Got a somewhat part time job thinger at a gallery, where I produce art and sometimes animate things.

:bulletred: Speaking of animating things, working on some stuff!

:bulletblack: Considering trying to do commissions again, but what I mean by that is creating assets for people, currently with a focus on animation, though I'll get back to you on that when I'm ready.

And that concludes this journal update, y'all can watch me slither back into the ditches now.
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Barely, but I keep kicking where I can, as for my inactivity here I wanna apologize for that, school was happening and I had little time to draw anything personal. Speaking of which, I've also had a bit of an art block as to what I wanna draw, sometimes the ideas just don't flow like they used to, so for now I'm gonna try doing weekly themed sketches/drawings... or possibly monthly themed ones, i dunno, I'm open for suggestions, but otherwise how y'all been... you good?
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Howdy Howdy~ KLAW here with a bit of an update, so get comfy and listen to some ramblings why don't ya.

So for the past two months or so I've been fairly inactive over these parts save for a few art posts here and there, but in a broader picture I've pretty much been out of it. The reason for that was school work obviously but now I'm finally done with my first year (well my foundation year) and I have a 3 month free period where I have a LOT of things I'd like to get done or at least started so let me just sorta break down what to expect from me.

:bulletblack: Improve art skills - While I'm currently confident in my current drawing ability I know I could be doing much better than I am, so its gonna be practice, practice and more practice! Gotta keep that craft sharp! Also I really need to do more in terms of animation, its the thing I constantly want to do I mean I grew up watching cartoons and all that and still watch em today obviously, and what better thing to do than that which you enjoy? Also 3D stuff, got Blender clunking about on my PC just sitting there and I rarely take it for a spin, that changes now!

:bulletblack: Set up for more commission work - Without getting too deep into personal detail, a few months back I believe I made a post about taking commissions, obviously with what I was peddling at the time it didn't go anywhere. Currently working with one :icondoctorchibi: on some character designs and I'm enjoying it, so I wanna offer more services like that, but I also wanna offer more than just character designs. Still working out the exact details but when I've finalized things you'll be hearing from me! It'd be nice to not go through another set of months where finances weren't tight and causing me a great deal of stress.

:bulletblack: Start making motion comics - So i mentioned how I wanna do more in terms of animation, well I also have a thing for comics, hell I used to draw comics a bunch when I first started off here, some strips here, a full length comic there and it was enjoyable. Not exactly sure why I slowed down but I wanna speed back up again and what better way to marry a passion for graphic novels and animation than a motion comic. I wanna try making my own in flash, I know dA has a motion comic making thinger but I've never taken it for a spin, I guess I'l check it out as well just to see what it offers. Speaking of comics, got a webcomic with :iconplokman626: that needs working on too.

:bulletblack: Start tinkering with Game Design - Video games, who doesn't love em? well I know a bunch of people who don't but I'm not one of them, another thing I like about em is just dissecting mechanics and all that. I used to tinker around with Game Maker when I was younger and I wanna go back to that again, mostly because as well as animating another goal of mine in life is to get into game development and design. With the free time I have on my hands, I know I won't make huge leaps in improvement with coding but I at least wanna start getting the hang of it, even though I feel my role in game development would probably be the art side.

So yeah, those are my goals for the next few months, here's me hoping I don't act a fool and flake out on any of them and if I show signs of it I should probably get someone to smack me back into line. That's all the news from me for now, for those interested I do have a Tumblr where I kinda just dump sketches and art and occasionally review/talk about stuff whether its animation, gaming or just whatever I see that provokes some brain farting.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day.

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RoughEditionHeader by TheonknownKLAW

MonochromeSheet by TheonknownKLAW

ColourSheet by TheonknownKLAW

Tossing myself out there and and now offering commissions. Hi, how’s it going KLAW here and I’m just you’re typical college student who happens to be low on funds and needs money mostly for school stuff and also other life needs like food, rent money, you know the drill.

Offering up some rough commissions for starters cause I’m testing these waters and also I’m in the middle of a compact semester so I wanna offer stuff I can draw quickly without sacrificing too much school time.

So yeah on the menu we have:

Monochrome Roughs

Bust: $15 | Half Body: $20 | Full Body: $25

Colour Roughs

Bust: $30 | Half Body: $35 | Full Body: $40

As for things I don’t draw? NSFW material, otherwise I’m game for anything else.

Contact me at if you’re interested, If you have reference material for what you want me to draw that’d ease the process.

Thank you for glancing.


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Yo, KLAW here, bet you thought I wasn't around anymore or something to that extent and I can't blame ya. I haven't posted anything in eons and have been generally quiet. Two reasons for that:

1. Back in school again, and this time the shit is real! If you recall I was in schooling in Malaysia some time back in 2013 to mid-2014 but left cause the University I was at there sucked super hard and got me into a bit of a pickle at one point (actually i got jailed so it wasn't just a pickle... more like a bloated gerkin) anyway, so I left and now I'm going to a design college in South Africa. I'm pretty glad to be back in school even though its pretty time consuming at times and thats not the only it consumes... which brings us to..

2. Money matters, cost of living back in Malaysia was pretty sweet, didn't need to spend all that much and I loved it, down here though... yeah, art supplies which I gotta get new ones of every week it appears, are eating into my usual allowance and what can I say, sometimes I have to hustle just to get cash for schoolwork which doesn't leave me with much time to sit down and do art. Also sometimes there's no food and then the real dilemma kicks in!

Well technically I've still been drawing a lot but most of its just brief sketches to keep my skills honed and I know I still owe people some work and I kinda feel like crap cause I can't seat down for long enough to do so, but I'm trying all I can to get there! One step is that I finally opened up a paypal so the next step after that is to start getting paid to draw for people I guess, but where to start, I dunno... probably gonna have to go forum hunting or something.

But yeah, just wanted to give y'all a heads up on what my carcass has been doing, now I gotta finish off some school work so that I can finally work on this collab fan comic.
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.. and thus the Ads return!

I'll also use this journal to explain why I've been super absent around here. Its mostly cause I've been over at tumblr, which is odd because I actually get more exposure and traffic over here, but I'm mostly over there because thats where I post my roughs, sketches and ramblings... something that I wanted to keep away from my dA gallery cause I wanted to keep it... pro, so to speaks.

Also, currently in a bit of an art funk, so once I get out of it, I promise to be more active here.

Dreams of butter and badminton

P.S. New dA logo kinda sucks.
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Like.. i get it, dA's trying to do like the tumblr dashboard layout so that all the stuff you follow is on a single stream thats easy to view... but... when you, like me, follow a lot of groups and deviants that upload A LOT.. yeah its kinda too much. Still a beta though, there's room to improve, it'd be convenient if there was like a toolbar thing on top that had all the people/groups you follow all laid out and you just mouse over and click the one whose latest content you wanna see, even better if it highlighted who just recently updated and stuff.
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I dunno, maybe its just me, which it probably is, but I feel like dA's kinda lost its charm for me... kinda, but yeah sorry that I'm not dishing out the content as much. Won't be posting anything this week cause I'm using this whole week to do some anatomy practice, so see ya next week I suppose. Also take a gander at Tumblr...
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I was planning on keeping my DA gallery full of nothing but finished pieces but that in turn has led to me not being that active here so I'm gonna upload the sketches I toss on tumblr here too.
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Hey people whats up?
*cricket noises*
Ah yes, a lively bunch as always... haha.

So I'm just gonna take this time to kinda outline what I'm gonna be posting here on my DeviantART, I've mentioned several times how I feel that my gallery here should consist of only (or at least mostly) finished and presentable pieces, I might post some sketches but as I have also mentioned most of my practice pieces, WIPs, and roughs will go over on my Tumblr (which you should be following!)

Anyway, what will you see from me over on here?

:bulletblack: Character concepts and my original characters.
:bulletblack: Large pieces depicting scenes and stuff.
:bulletblack: Comics, whether in strip form or full on chapters.
:bulletblack: Video game concepts, character concepts, etc.
:bulletblack: Fanart, not really gonna touch fanart of major franchises that much, mostly gonna focus on fanart of other artists characters and stuff.

Yeah, that's pretty much it, I'd also be open for stuff like collabs and art-trades and the lot, just ask for details or whatever.
Should point out though that I'm not gonna be doing requests for obvious reasons and can't do commissions at the moment.

So that's what I wanted to say, here's to hoping that this year is full of artistic growth, its also the year that I start my animation degree so that's something to look forward to...

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Alright alright alriiiight! So whatsup ArtingDeviants? been a while since I wrote a journal eh? well, actually its been like one month but yeah between now and then things happened, interesting things which I shall briefly recap on.

So, if you may have noticed I've been posting some Pokémon fanart lately, now normally I don't do fanart but doing fanart was part of my personal terms that I set for myself as I grow as an artist... or something. But anyway, those fanart pieces were also part of a a challenge I was doing over at my Tumblr called the Pokeddex (Pokémon On Kommand Every Day in December Extra Xtreme!) which was to draw a pokemon piece for every day in december... and I just completed it! Some pieces I didn't upload here cause they were kinda sketchy and rough (which goes against my "no rough work" clause i set for my dA gallery) so if wanna check those out, you can!

Two things I learned from doing this challenge: 1. I detest drawing fanart constantly! I don't even know how fanartists can stand that shit! so yeah, I'm never doing anything like that again, at least not to that degree of a new piece every day. 2. ... nah, forget about 2.

So yeah, it was a nice little experience that i partook in but now I move on from fanart of a popular series and start working on my own original pieces and stuff. The only fanart I'll probably be drawing will be of other artists OCs that I like the look of.

Thanks for reading, Happy Holidays and have good New Years!

 Not that much of a fan...
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Tis the season peoples! But screw the season that's not what's important here!
Anyway, I mentioned some time back that I would clean up my gallery when December starts and only fill my DeviantART gallery with finished, showcase-able pieces of art, so that's what's happening now along with some other stuff so let me break it down into the main parts:

My Artistic Growth
Basically I want to do more presentable, dynamic art. So while my art style may not be complete, I want to improve it and only show the pieces that I feel are to the best of my current ability. So I'll be drawing more backgrounds, angled pieces, colourful pieces, animated pieces and more comics (because that's one thing I've been slacking heavily on). While all my old art is still there, to kinda give a short glance of where I started and stuff, its all gonna be dumped into one folder for convenience, I've also created 4 main folders for the stuff that I'll be posting, sure they're probably kinda bleak and empty now but I'll fill em up.

Being more... Social
Eugh... despite my very introverted nature, I still enjoy talking to people every once in a while and stuff and one thing thats always bothered me is that I don't have that many, or rather non, artist friends. Most people I talk to offline about my art aren't into art as deep as I am so its sometimes kinda depressing or something. I wanna be able to talk to and befriend other artists who are on my level or better and have some form of ally in the great artistic battle for self improvement... or something like that. Not saying I don't know ANY other artist that I talk to I only talk to like two others X( but I wanna go beyond just talking sometimes, which brings me to my second reason for being more... social. I actually wanna be able to work with other artists and share my art, whether it be collabs, art trades, gift art or whatever! I wanna share the fun times that I see happening all over the internets man!
So yeah, Im pretty much open for art stuffs and the like, but not requests though! This is a two way street I'm trying to walk here.
Also, if it sounds like I'm kinda reluctant to do more social stuff, once again its due to my introverted nature. I don't social well, sometimes I stop talking to people that I usually talk to not because I stop liking their company, but because I'm just kinda like that, I'm not that... what's the word.. outward? when it comes to socialising, so yeah. If someone who I use to talk to and stopped is reading this, just know Its not cause I don't like you atleastIdon'tthinkitis its cause I'm a tard when it comes to teh soshowlings...

So yeah thats pretty much all I wanted to say, from this day forth It's gonna be a bit more different when it comes to art and stuff on my dA page, strict art only and stuff. If you want to listen to my ramblings and see my WIPs Sketches and stuff then I have a Tumblr for that so Check It Out!
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Just gonna remind you all (all 3 of ya) once again that my activity of DA will be near non existent. I'm trying to make my dA gallery be more professional so I only want to post finished and showcase-able pieces of art here. Currently still trying to nail down a colouring style and get my overall style sorted, so I've been doing a lot of sketching, most of which i toss on my tumblr so yeah.

Also as for the gallery cleanup I mentioned sometime back, I'm probably gonna do that in December or as a New Years thing, so that means all my CURRENT art work in my gallery will be tossed into an "Old" folder to make way for the new stuff I'm gonna be posting.

I might be available for like collaborations and similar types of work so if you did want me to help you out with something on an art front, feel free to ask and depending on what it is I might be able to lend a helping hand.

Constructed from glass and rhinestone
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Been thinking of doing a gallery cleanup, not really getting rid of my art, but just tossing all the old stuff into one folder.
Also need to get round to making more presentable arts rather than sketches and stuff. I wanna keep sketches and stuff on my tumblr.
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I've always had this fascination with artist groups/cliques. Not necessarily a group created to join artist together but like 3+ artist who happen to be friends or something and have a little group of their own where they showcase their art and whatnot. Its usually cool and I like the practice for two reasons.

1. The diversity in art usually found in these groups is nice, along with that the artist themselves are usually interesting characters on their own (and there's always some crazy one in the pack, either their art is crazy or they are). From this diversity you can find inspiration and if the group communicates with their followers you can even get some great tips, tutorials and other such fun stuff!

2. It seems like a nice social experience and a profitable practice. As for the social aspect, I always like the idea of collabs, bringing two minds together to make something great, I don't collab much at all but in the few instances that I've had to work with other artists I've enjoyed it. As for the business side of it, well if all the artist in the clique shared accommodation or something of the sorts, combined with their varying skills and art styles, they could make a business with 3 different sources of income that can cater to a wider audience, due to aforementioned variety, I'd say that's a pretty sweet idea. (Note: I'm just assuming its a good idea, I have no idea how an artist financial plan is so all this talk is based off the assumption that artists just spend money on rent, bills, food and amenities, art supplies and personal stuff they want like figurines and games).

So yeah, Artist cliques are cool, one of my fave crews is the Mecha Fetus gang (don't know if they still operate together though) with notable members like Paul Robertson (Pixel artist, notable works include Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game(sprite work), Kings of Power 4 Billion Percent, Mercenary Kings (available now on Steam, early access)), Jonathan "Persona" Kim (Animator, Worked on Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game too, also worked on Skullgirls), Kinuko (Animator, she worked on Skullgirls along with "Persona" Kim and she also worked on the Scott Pilgrim game). I pretty much found out about these guys when I played the Scott Pilgrim game.

Sadly with my social deformities I doubt I'd be able to form/belong to an Artist group thingy for that long, but its kinda fun to dream...

Anyway thats all from me for now, just a little journal to show that I'm sorta alive.

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Well yeah, as you can see I haven't been updating my gallery here a lot... mostly 'cause I don't have that much stuff which I consider dA material (mostly completed works).
Been doing a lot of sketches and stuff but I don't feel like uploading those 'cause they're sketches, unless sketches is what people want to see which they don't

But, I've been more active over at my Tumblr but I post a variety of stuff there not just art, I write mini-articles about gaming, animations or animated shows and sometimes general art stuff. So if that's what you like to see from time to time, feel free to check it out! 
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