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Rough Requets Set 1 by TheonknownKLAW Rough Requets Set 1 by TheonknownKLAW
In an attempt to sorta jog my creative juices and get some practice drawing things that I didn't create, I took on some requests... well not really requests, I just asked for some characters to roughly draw and some kind individuals submitted some.

So yeah should point out these were never meant to be polished pieces, but just me practising so mistakes, inconsistencies and possible things one might not like in the depictions of their OCs to follow, with explanation.

So, drawing No. 1 was of a fairly simple OC in terms of design, I haven't drawn long dresses in a while and this seemed like a moment to practice some really basic ass clothing drawing, can't say I did too well but there ya go.

No. 2 was one where I took a ref image where I had little to go with and kinda tried to expand on it, character was drawn rather curvaceous and if there's one thing I needed some practice on was drawing people with more body mass.

No. 3 was another case of ref image not having much to go with but from the notable things I could make out I tried my hand a bit of costume variation, I do a lot of that already but in the case of my own personal stuff its more just throwing costumes on and seeing what sticks, rarely anything does :/

No. 4 was a more noisier/busier design I wanted to tackle, even though i cut some corners here and there with the dress design and the drill hair, but like I did mention this was never meant to be a case of producing finished work, just practice, still, enjoyed drawing
this design.

No. 5 was another case of a really busy character design that I liked, a lot going on with elements that kinda border on almost being too chaotic but still working overall. Though I feel I may have put more effort into it than I wanted but that's just a fault of mine where I say "its just gonna be a quick sketch." then bing bang bosh, its a coloured rough piece... egh, still was fun to draw.

But that's it for static character drawings, next set is gonna focus more on characters in motion might have some animation, though I might save that for the 3rd set.

Character credits
No. 1 Camille -  :icona-nerd-girl:
No. 2 Filia the Gourgeist - :iconmalware365:
No. 3 Sandra Strongwill -  :iconandster11:
No. 4  Oceans - :iconswordmasterqueen:
No. 5 Izo Omori - (

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June 17, 2016
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