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Keeper of the Owl by TheonknownKLAW Keeper of the Owl by TheonknownKLAW
3rd piece of the Hood set.. well it was meant to be 4th chronologically but i drew this one before the 3rd so yea.

The Owl was one of the few hoodies of the Ancient Set that didn't seek to take over its host nor use a host for its own agenda... mostly. The Owl was more of a philosopher, constantly viewing the world, its cultures, inhabitants and events, breaking them down to further understand just what it was all about and keeping record of all. So naturally upon being awakened and worn, he would like to study the modern world, to see how much has changed, to explore, interact and archive it all... its just a shame that The Owl is currently attached to a misanthropic, lazy, shy and quite knowledgeable young poet named Anycc. They get along to some degree but spend most of their time arguing about how the populace has gone to hell at the tables of coffee houses and such.

1 more to go!

Bearer of the Leech|Protector of the Mole|Wielder of the Wrathbit|Keeper of the Owl
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April 1, 2013
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